Fernando Flores – WEST (Working Effectively in Small Teams)

Fernando Flores – WEST (Working Effectively in Small Teams)

The post is only going to highlight a known expert, the approach as it relates to solution I work with and the opportunity. 

Fernando Flores recently held a conference as part of a 4 month learning lab on a subject I hold near and dear. is how I was introduced to the concept and how I want to see the concept delivered to the world. 

  • Building Awareness
    • Building Self Esteem
  • Our Personal Brand
    • How we want others to see us?
  • Working in teams with other like minded people
  • Learning to influence others who don’t think like us. 

A person as an individual and the way we want others to view us are iStar and iTag in a tool designed by Dr. Howard Esbin after 10 years studying and researching ways to help others.  

I met Howard a few months ago when he asked to connect on LinkedIn.  His tool was secondary, we had an initial conversation and his intentions and request was merely exploration. 

A system of our social interactions and communicating in social situations.  Our private peer to peer relations and protection of our intellectual property. 


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